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Welcome to Dunhuang!
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The amusement in Dunhuang

The cultural amusement activities of Dunhuang are very abundant, at the beginning of spring every year, the folks self-moving organization of crowd masquerade the choreographic activity, which is the activity of Shehuo, the contents is huge miscellaneous, the each style is different; Peacetime, there is a drama perform of Meihu which is called Xiaoxi by the folks. The literatures perform of" summer of Dunhuang" is a large exhibition of song and dance activity, it is generally held at 18:00-23:00 in each night of from June to October every year, and it has the strong cultural special features of Silk Road. The contents take the mural material of Mogao Hole as the prototype, take the dances of Dunhuang as the topic, reappear dance, dress and musics of each race of the Silk Road. The night life of Dunhuang is abundant and colorful; the lights of nighttime are bright. After supper, people can go to the Mingsha Mountain to ride the camel, climb a mountain, slip the sand and parachute, enjoy the cool air, see the special civil literature program perform in the folk cultural village, can also stroll the night City. Each store opens as usual, , there are several big management areas of the biggest sand bank market of Dunhuang City, handicraft products," three bubble set" tea set and local special products in Yangguan East Road at the downtown. In the night, the lights open together, the stars are beautiful. People can sample tea's flavor, hear songs and chat to say the ground, taste the snacks and purchase local special products and the tour handicraft products here. The visitors can also go to street to participate or appreciate Qinqiang and Meihu of the joy class, go to theater to appreciate the movie, songs and dances and dramas, arrive at the card hall, the song and dance hall to amuse, because more than 100 song and dance halls of whole city all open all the year round.

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