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Welcome to Dunhuang!
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The Festival celebration of Dunhuang

>>Temple fair on April 8th
Temple fair on April 8th of Dunhuang is the civil traditional festival. Every April 8th of Chinese calendar, the local residents and especially the followers of Buddhism celebrates the died day of Skamoui, hold old men and support children, form into groups, come together in Mogao of Hole, Sanwei Mountains and the Leiyin Temple to burn incense and pray, pray saint and worship of ancestors. In this day, people keep in mind toward the Buddha to tell and say pain, sufferings and agony, look for protection, or pray to beg the wealth, or beg to prevent disaster to put out the disaster, or beg the sons, or beg the officers. After doing these, come out the holes and temples, people seem to relieve of a heavy burden, the confidence is doubly. This whole district of holes and temples are full of crowds, each hole, a light repast stand order, handicraft product store, the literature program performance field, even in the forest, the side of small river, visitors are so many, it is uncommon noisy, continue several days, the grand occasion does not die out.

>>Dragon Boat Match
Annually in front and back of Dragon Boat Festival which is on May 5th of Chinese calendar, there are the Dragon Boat stanza" and" the Dragon Boat match" of different scale and from in each town and district of whole city, the Stone Dragon Town, Zhaochun District, Wanjiang District, Daoyao Town, Mayong Town etc. most have the scale and special features, it is very sublime.

>>Litchi stanza
The litchi of Dunhuang is called the first article in Nanling" and " the king of fruit", the mature moment of litchi which is from June to July every year, each town of whole city all one after another hold the litchi stanza, in the period of the festival there are large literary style activities and the business activities etc. The most stirring thing is that visitors and guests go to the litchi park to adopt to taste the fresh litchi personally, it has entirely different humor and wit. The main production areas such as Dalong Town, Liaobu Town, Dalingshan Town, Changping Town, Shijie Town, Shilong Town...etc. most have special features.

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