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Welcome to Dunhuang!
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Dunhuang Cuisine

The dishes of Dunhuang take elegant taste, the skill method is novel, and the article of dishes is typical.
The local people like to eat mutton, chicken and beef. They pay attention to make the pasta manufacture particularly. The Huang noodles in Dunhuang is thin like dragon beard, long like line of gold, the flavor overflows; The handicraft Zaozi noodles of Dunhuang, cutting noodles to pay attention, the mixing soup is fresh and beautiful, eat and not to be disgusted with; But the most well-known still is Niangpizi of Dunhuang, its flavor is hot and cool, pliant and tough and good to eat, is the delicacy that must taste. You can taste different various food of style in one street of a light repast of Dunhuang. Another characteristic of food of Dunhuang is Sichuan's flavor, particularly at the mid-night, it is thus clear that small stands of spicy and hot everywhere at the sides of the street. There is taste a light repast area, the agriculture by-product area in" the night City of Shazhou" in the Yangguang East Road, it is good whereabouts that you taste the special features of Dunhuang. If you need an opposite clear meal environment, you can go to the neighborhood of Feitian Guest House in Mingshan Road, there are alot of Chinese restaurants and froign restaurants, the price is just right, the meal is tasty.

The introduces of some special features snack

Use the omelette, the laver and the Kinhua ham and according to three rabbits with in the Hole of Mogaos to use only three ears skillful of replaced six ears, the formation equilateral triangle, color gorgeous" three rabbits Zao well diagrams" are cold to put together but become, conceiving outline the handiness.

Melt the many women's images in Hole of Mogao to create, a woman is also called Feitian and is the marking of art of Dunhuang, there are a lot of images of Feitian in the stone cave, charmingly feminine and moving, some of them float in the air, some of them take flower baskets and throw the blossom, take the women spread the flower as background, the cook method take fry as mainly.

>>Fantasy of Dunhuang
It is to use various fresh vegetables and fruit to make the shape of huge Wofo Mountain in Dunhuang. It is rumored that Buddhism pupils in ancient times of Central Plain went to the Buddhist paradise to take through, returned to Dunhuang, slept here not to wake up, became the Wofo Mountain and made melons and fruit float the joss-stick in this place finally and brought benefit to Dunhuang.

It also is called Xushantuozhang, boil Tuozhang and chicken in pot for 7 or 8 hours firstly, then steam meat in the cage for 2 or 3 hours, then make the eggs and the lunch meats into the snow mountain form, then place the fillet at corner in " road", Jin slices are on" the surface of road ", just like the print of the camel. It is valuable because it is Jin, the nourishment is abundant; The life of camels is very long, seldom slaughtering, so Tuozhang is more difficult to get.

>>Zaomianzi in Dunhuang
It is a kind of the traditional handicraft ware of wheat, the method is to add water to flour and mix completely, use Ganmianzhang to press the pasta thin, cut into the long noodles, cook, add the soup and eat it. The noodles are thin, long and well-balanced, particularly like the leaf of leek, the flavor of the soup that add is fresh and beautiful, eat previous, make person eliminates the hunger fatigue. The key of Zaozimian is in the soup, the manufacture of the soup pays attention to very much, pick Zaozi which are the pork, turnip, potato...etc. in pot to fry well with proper fire then join the water, then condiments like the bean curd, spring onion, garlic that assist, parsley, shrimp cracker, sesame etc., then add the noodles in soup, then they become a rare delicacies.
Entertain guests with Zaozimian is the best hospitality in Dunhuang. A Huang noodles in Duanhuang is also a kind of ware of wheat, it is thin like dragon beard, long like line of gold, pliant and tough bear to pull. After cook, adjust the soup or have better food edible, the flavor overflows, have the taste. Pull a 7 or 8 catties pastas of regiment a thin such as the noodles of the powder silk. The color of Huang noodles is bright, by the heat to mix the vegetables to eat it, eat to open the stomach to get fed up with, the pure hot solution is vexed, and making your appetite increased greatly, big and satisfied joy of eating.

>>Jiangshui noodles
Firstly make the Jiangshui, put the Chinese cabbage, dropwort or lotus into the flour soup, add to the Jiangshuijiaozi, prosperously go into the urn inside and put to ferment for three days in the warm place, can immediately become the, sour and tasty Jiangshui. It implies various beneficial enzyme, it can solute hot, promote the appetite, and it is good product in summer season. After the handicraft noodles cook, the cool boiled water immerses prosperous person's bowl inside, join to starch the water, sprinkle up the oil chopped onion, corianders end, and then become the Jiangshui noodles. Eating it in hot days not only can relieve tired, recover physical strength, but also contain certain curative effect to the Gaoxueya and the appetite diseases.

>>Niangpizi in Dunhuang
Niangpizi in Dunhuang, some of them are bright, some of them are clean like the jade, mix up the special condiments, the flavor is sour and hot, pliant and tough and good to eat, edible convenience, it is a kind of extremely widespread civil light repast and local fast food. The Niangpizi is a kind of the ware of wheat, when make it, place excellent powder add the water to mix completely, then pasta in person's clear water to turn over to grasp to crumple first, making flour to anticipate the medium starch and proteins to separate well, leaving the protein, being so called Mianjin. The Mianjiang which fuse in the water would be the raw material of processing the Niangpizi. After water boiled, the syrup to ladle up to draw in the sheet iron a dish of person evenly put to boiled water to boil for a few minutes, the flour juice as a round flat cake and then become Niangpizi. Then cut Niangpizi into thin long noodles, put several Mianjin, add some ground mustard, garlic juice, hot pepper, scented ointment etc. then eat it.

It is a kind of taste food that the guest houses of Dunhuang create according to the civil and traditional method, because of its color is yellow and bright, the surface is loose such as the light yarn, small bubble of the knot pearl have closely, hence get name. When make it, use the hot oil and water to boil the flour. In the whole process of boiling flour, rolling, wrapping farcing, frying and making, not only request the accommodation of oil and water, and then request the temperature of oil and the degree of heating feat is fitting with. Thus then it can loose of bubble, form the surface layer frailty fly, inside mile sweet such as the special features of the sugar, eat it loose and sweet, it is a taste food for Chinese and foreign visitors choose firstly.

>>Muttony powder soup
It is the traditional light repast in Dunhuang. Choose the plump and sturdy Xie sheep which are feet by local people in Dunhuang, kill, wash clearly and cut into the big pieces, then put them in the pot with clean water. Wait for it is good, beat clearly the blood, put little refined salt of person, the meat gets after is familiar, shaving the bone, the empress will shave the bone to return to pot, boil soup. Edible, add water to the bone soup firstly, put the just right amount of ginger, pepper, wild pepper, cassia, the jade fruit, hot pepper, refined salt, turnip slices, garlic etc. the spice to boil, ladle up the familiar meat and cut into the thin slice the whole piece and cool powder in prosperous bowls, put into the boiled soup again, add parsley end, Chinese chives and spring onion, hot pepper end etc. on the top. Green, white, red and yellow of the view, the flavor comes into nostrils, the joss-stick of the food is hot and good to eat, fatty but don't get fed up with. It has the effects of nourishing, having fever and dispelling cold.

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