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Welcome to Dunhuang!
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The best tour time in Dunhuang

Dunhuang locates between Mongolia Plateau and the Qingzang Plateau, becomes a small basin on all sides with high mountain, desert, Gobi desert around, keeps off the ocean, is the typical very dry continental climate, sunshine time of the whole year is long, it is dry and little rainy, the difference in temperature in day and night is very big, have" wear the coat in the morning and cover with the yarn at noon, embrace the stove to eat the watermelon" to say. There are still two great universe disasters which are the dry heat breeze and black sandstorms, the visitors should make to take precautions against early, might as well plus the products, such as the sun glasses, hats and the yarn towel...etc. in your shoulder bag. Every year of May to October is the best time of the tour.

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