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Welcome to Dunhuang!
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Dunhuang Shopping

There is another interest to travel and shopping in Dunhuang, you not only can buy adoring special products and handicraft products which you like, but also can hear a lot of beautiful legends which the stand lord speak. The well-known shopping places inside Dunhuang City have: Feitian Market, Tianma Market, Gongxiao Market, Shazhou Market, the comprehensive market in Nanguan, Sufangzai ...etc. The Shazhou Market locates in Yangguan East Road, there are the special crystal stone, glasses, crystal type jewelry, the white camel of jade, silk carpet in Dunhuang, statues, mural reproduction, luminous cup, wax dye dress etc., they are feast for the eyes, provide everything, and you can chop down the price. But when buying, you should notice to choose, particularly some packings elegant mural slice, they almost can be true with disorderly in shape.

Some more famous shopping places

The names of stores
Main products
Luminous cup factory in Dunhuang City
No.11 of Yangguan East Road of Dunhuang City
Luminous cup
Carpet factory of Dunhuang City
No.24 of Danghe North Road of Dunhuang City
Handicraft carpets, silk carpets
Calligraphy and Painting Hospital of Dunhuang
No.36 of Mingshan Road of Dunhuang City
Glasses factory of Dunhuang
No.8 of Shazhou North Road of Dunhuang City
Crystal stone glasses
Yueyaquan craft factory
Yueyaquan Village of Yangjiaqiao Country
Handicraft products
Guolu Store of Dunhuang
No.32 of Mingshan Road of Dunhuang City
Handicraft products
Folk Museum
Yueyaquan Village of Yangjiaqiao Country
Calligraphy, handicraft products
Mogao Hole Craft Art Store
Mogao Hole View District
Calligraphy, books and periodicals
Museum Store
No.8 of Yangguan East Road of Dunhuang City
Curio, calligraphy

The special product in Dunhuang

>>Craft camel
The camel is the main conveyance tool on the ancient Silk Road. It is also one of the special animals in the big desert, it bears the heat and strict cold, bears the hunger and the thirst are clever. People often use it to take things in the desert; it is called "the boat of the desert" in the Gobi desert. Its firm and unyielding meekly tolerate insult negative bear suffering the spirit and simple and the images of honest, large and strong heavily deeply get the people fancy, once was taken as the mascot of the Chinese art stanza in Dunhuang, the handicrafts of the folks take cotton as birth, binds the specially made flannel to make into outside of camels which appearance each simple different shapes that can make person love to release, it is the really and only memorial good product with special features of tour.

>>The craft wax dye of Dunhuang
Since 1990s, Dunhuang ushers in wax dyer skills of the region of Yunnan and Guizhou, process the dress goods, the wall hangs, shade towels, Xincha etc. with the images of Zao Well in Mogao Hole, grass patterns, Buddha, bodhisattvas, Feitian, Jile etc. The ice crack reason that wax dyes to have only is very in keeping with to express the lingering charm that the mural spot falls off to fall, publish as soon as, then is welcome among the Chinese and Foreign guests. Independent designed processed products in calligraphy and painting hospital of Dunhuang. They are simple, direct, clear and quick, the tone is soft, as a result they are the best.

>>Carpet of Dunhuang
The history of carpet of Dunhuang is long; it is passed from generation to generation. The carpet of Dunhuang is good at imitating the art patterns of Dunhuang, adopts the fine traditional handicraft to process but become, handicraft is choiceness, the color is fresh and gorgeous, it is beautiful and generous. The raw material are the deluxe wool whose fiber is long, the thick and thin are moderation, the luster is good, pull is strong. The finished products which use the wool to make, the color is coordination, the wood grain is vivid, the surface is shining, the quality is soft, it is rich with the flexibility. Handled by special craft, the external appearances ancient color and joss-stick, gives the person a kind of felling which is secretly and deeply bright and peaceful and comfortable. It melts the beauty of the murals of Dunhuang and rugged of the mountains and streams of the Northwest and uncivilized in the integral whole, and has the color patterns of the Arabian style. The quality of carpet of Dunhuang is solid and takes long time to bear whet, the categories are numerous, the price is cheap, it is taken as the very ideal living quarters and exquisite articles hung on the wall by visitors.

>>Luminous cup in Dunhuang
Luminous cup in Dunhuang is again called Yangguan Jade Cup. It takes the high-quality ink jade, topaz and jaspers which are produced in Qilian Mountain as the raw material, inherits the traditional craft work to chisel and carve but become, it is a very valuable alcohol container. The shape of luminous cup is interesting and novel, the style is special, the quality is clean, pour on the good wine, the color is rich in hues, just like the jadeite, pouring into the beautiful wine, radiant green jade of alcohol and women. Particularly like the bright moon reflects to shoot, pure jade liquid through thin give out light such as the cup wall of the eggshell, is really too subtle to be described. Wang Han who was Chinese had said that:" Luminous cup, beautiful wine and grape", poem is famous because of the cup, the cup is more famous because of the poem. The reputation of luminous cup that Dunhuang produces is the best.

>>The glasses by crystal stone
Choose to the crystallize intact transparent natural quartz crystal in Aerjin Mountain to process and grind but become, are many kinds of glasses, like anastigmatic, short sighted, far sighted and optics changeable glass. They have characteristics, like the high degree of hardness, good transparent, defend the ultraviolet ray radiation etc. wear this glasses, if it is in very hot days, your eyes also will feel cool, smooth and wet, it is an ideal thing that you go out for the tour and protection eye to take, it is subjected to the people doubly fancy, especially the old people's fancy.

>>Melon of Dunhuang
The category of melons and fruit of Dunhuang is numerous, each is sweet than honey. "The shell melon" presents the oval, getting name because of likeness shell. Its body is big, small melon is heavy more than ten catties, the big melon is heavy 30 catties or 40 catties. The skin is thin and meat is thick, the color presents the dark yellowish green, the pulp of melon is fresh red, the seed is small and little. Sweet sand frailty of its flavor, person's lung. If wipe lightly once with the clean dish cloth each two days, it can be deposited to the Chinese New Year.
Taste the sweet red, the melon is round and smooth, although it is small, juice is much and meat is delicate, the quality is excellent and good. The surface is green and white alternate, the color is fresh and gorgeous, is red within, the seed is sparse and little. The flavor of melon is sweet, give a bite to flow the juice to be stained with the lips joss-stick readily. Because the quality is frailty and the skin is thin, easiy ripped, so need not knife, may also eat it.
About Bailan Melon, there are local products; also are the species that ushers in from the Lanzhou, Xinjiang and the United States. In its melon white show green, clean such as jade, thin green of sweet juice of pulp of melon desire drop, and have the light thin and delicious wine flavor, eat a piece, remaining joss-stick rounds, all day long not spread. In addition, we can often see many species in the market such as The Huozhou No.1"," Hongxincui"," honeydew melon"," muskmelon"," the 1000-year egg melon" etc., its color and form are very good, possessing singly the taste, also being subjected to visitors' good opinions.

>>Liguang Almond in Dunhuang
It is to be lead from the area of Hetian in Xinjiang, taming to turn through long-term nature and the artificial development, become specie in Dunhuang. It is rumored that after Li Guang who was the Fei General of the West Han fought in Dawan, this specie was lead to grow from Xinjiang. There has been the cultivation history of more than 2000 years up to now.
It is big such as plum, the cortex is thin yellow, the luster is fresh and bright, the thin skin and thick meat, fiber is less, juice is much and the flavor is beautiful, the aroma is heavy. It implies sour, sugar, calcium, phosphor, iron, vitamin etc., the nourishments are abundant, the flesh of fruit are in addition to fresh eat, can make into the can, the almond stem, almond Pu, almond sauce, almond wine etc. The almonds still are the important raw materials of making the pastry, cold food, candy.
The apricot is resistant to cold and the anti- drought, therefore, they can grow strongly and healthy in oasis of Dunhuang where the climate is dry. Annually March, the village of Dunhuang is fill with the heavy almond joss-stick everywhere, really having the artistic conception of" go into village where there are so many flowers and twig, the far, near ,high and low road does not know".

>>The big dates of Ming Mountain
The quality of big dates of Ming Mountain in Dunhuang is good, it get the name because the fruit is big, the date presents the oval, the each fresh date is heavy close to 40 gramme to 50 gramme. After mature dates, the outward appearance is clean such as the jade, presents black and red, the meat quality is delicate, sweet and tasty, and the nourishment composition is very abundant. According to the analysis, the each big date contains the amount of sugar is up of 60%, and has the nourishment materials, such as various proteins, fat, vitamins and calcium, phosphor and iron...etc., is the good product to increase the blood, benefit spirit, keep the kidney and tranquilize the nerves, so it has the very high medicine value to use, particularly falsely postnatal periods lose the blood physically weak to show the famous curative effect. The big dates of Ming Mountain not only bear the hoarding, and properly make the dry dates and wine dates. Particularly keep the wine dates in the jars, open up the jars in the next spring, flexible as before, the fragrant dates companion of the wine joss-stick, indeed can make person the overflow, fuming the smoked desire to inebriate.

>>The grapes in Yangguan
The grape of Dunhuang can eat freshly and make the stem again, can also make wine and can match in excellence with the grape of Turpan. The main species contain Wuhebai, Manaizi, Zizhenzhu...etc., the yield of year amounts to more than 3800 tons. The Yangguan Wine Factory of Dunhuang produces Yangguan wine, takes local grape as the raw material to make by fermentation but become, the wine belongs to the grape juice, the taste is joss-stick, enjoy in retrospect extending far.

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